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A Refreshing Wave taking place at the Flower Bowl (and it wasn't just the Ocean Fish and Chip Restaurant)

Updated: Mar 3

Women in the Room at the Lancashire Devolution Event! It shouldn't be so notable but sadly it sometimes is.

Stepping into The Flower Bowl Entertainment Centre in Barton, Preston, the sizzling scent of Fish & Chips set the tone. The place was buzzing with a vibrant crowd ready to dive into the Lancashire Devolution event, promising not just business talks but a day filled with interesting insights into the region's economic future.

Dynamic Talks: Hosted by the acclaimed Business Club/Lobbying Group Downtown in Business, the event was more than just a traditional gathering. The eclectic mix of attendees brought refreshing energy, breaking away from the usual atmosphere. It was like stepping into an environment where interesting conversations and enlightenment collided.

Insightful Conversations: The day kicked off with talks by movers and shakers like Frank Mckenna, the dynamic CEO and Chairman of Downtown, and County Councillor Aidy Riggott, laying down the beats of the Lancashire Devolution Proposal. The discussions were not your typical boardroom snoozefest but a dynamic exploration of what the proposal means for the region.

Inclusive Conversations: Frank skillfully curated a dynamic exchange with a Panel of Insightful Speakers, each bringing a unique perspective to the forefront. The charismatic Steven Hesketh, aka The Hospitality Hero, offered a compelling view of the industry. Meanwhile, the tandem of Simon Lawrence, Director of Growth and Regeneration, and County Councillor Aidy Riggott delved into the profound implications of the Devolution deals – from amplifying Lancashire's voice to navigating the intricate challenges that businesses encounter.

Highlight Moment: Notably, it was refreshing to witness a diverse gathering, especially the presence of dynamic women. Hearing Sue Grindrod, the MD of Blackpool BID, share insights added an extra layer of interest to the event.

Looking to the Future:Peering into the future of Lancashire’s economic landscape, the event at The Flower Bowl was a sneak peek into an interesting, diverse event. It was a reminder that business gatherings can be interesting, fun, and full of energy and have lots of female voices in the room. The Flower Bowl wasn’t just a venue; it was a stage where every voice had its own unique impact (and the fish and chips was fantastic, well worth a visit)!

In Conclusion: Attending the Downtown In Business Lancashire Devolution event at The Flower Bowl wasn’t just a professional move – it was a celebration of progress. As we continue to engage in interesting conversations and advocate for representation, events like these remind us that business can be dynamic, and together, we’re shaping a future where every voice gets its time in the spotlight!

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