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A Cry for Change! Highlighting Healthcare Concerns in Lancashire;

Updated: Feb 1

In a recent harrowing incident that unfolded in Blackburn, the local community was shocked to hear about the ordeal of 80-year-old Brian Myerscough, who spent an agonizing 36 hours on a hospital trolley in what he described as a 'seventh circle of hell' A&E ward. This distressing episode has prompted our Local Leaders Hosts, Mollie and Sam, to comment on the alarming state of our healthcare system as a whole, hence our highlighting healthcare concerns in Lancashire!

Sam pulls no punches in expressing her feelings on the matter. "It's disgusting, utterly unacceptable. No one, especially an 80-year-old, should be left in such conditions. We cannot blame the hardworking staff; they're doing their best, but the system is failing them. It's heartbreaking to witness."Sam then extends her concern to NHS dentists, highlighting the difficulty in securing appointments. "It's not just A&E; even getting a dental appointment feels like a herculean task. This situation is pushing people towards private care, and that's a worrying trend."

Mollie shares her experiences from a nurse's perspective. "I've been there – doing everything possible, but resources are stretched thin. The current system doesn't allow for individualised care; it's a one-size-fits-all approach that leaves people feeling dehumanised."

The Private Care Predicament: A Stark Reality She also raises the grim prospect of people being forced into private care. "Is this the direction we're heading? Will the system become so unbearable that everyone is forced to go private? What happens to those who can't afford it? Are we looking at a future where healthcare is a luxury, and people suffer or die due to lack of access?"

Both Mollie and Sam express concern about the potential future if things don't change. "Are we heading towards a scenario where people are left with no choice but to opt for private care, leading to a two-tiered healthcare system?

in closing the both agree that It's a stark reality we must confront." Agreeing every individual deserves quality care, and it's our responsibility as a community to make that happen. Join Mollie and Sam as they delve into this critical issue on the "Local Leaders" podcast. Together, let's raise awareness, demand change, and work towards a healthcare system that serves our community with dignity and compassion.

Highlighting Healthcare Concerns  in Lancashire at Blackburn Hospital

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